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About Us

About Us

RawPictures Co. Ltd is a Mauritian private limited company offering services in audio-visual and communication fields through various media channels and tools:  a one-stop-shop in audio-visual.


Why RAW?

RAW FILMING is an innovative filming format which enables us to adjust a variety of image parameters in order to produce highly professional output and outstanding final result. Working with RAW requires high performance equipment, expertise and a lot of processing time. Images in RAW are much sharper with better details.


About our TEAM:

We are professionals with the appropriate technical know-how and experience: DOPs, camera operators, editors, script writers, 2D/3D graphics and animation, producers and directors.


What are our SKILLS and ASSETS:

  • Our professionalism, our creativity, our flexibility, our dedication and our passion for perfection.
  • A professional, dedicated and hard-working team with hands-on working experience in the Indian Ocean region, Sub-Saharan Africa, China and India
  • Investment in state-of-the-art equipment
  • Continuous update of technical know-how
  • Investment in the right people